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Exhibition conditions 

Exhibition dates of Friday 19 January 2024 to Sunday 21 January 2024 inclusive 0900 to 1700 hrs . Sunday close about 1500hrs

 The members cost per print will be $10.00 per large  print entry fee

There’ll be a commission (see me)% charged on any large print sales.

As well a small number of smaller (about 6×4) prints of the submitted images and others may be sold without a commission charge for about $5.00. The proceeds will go to our club.

You may submit 4 to 6 images in the form of larger prints.

Two display options are available.  

  • Matted and Framed Prints up to A3+ image size.
  • Unframed Prints mounted on “Sticky” board Up to A2 Size     

We have started planning for this important event.

Are you interested  ?

 Please consider and use this email

Thank You

John Staib 




1920×1080 max Name example Aug_Veivers_W_01_Waltz of the Flowers

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