What we do

  • The Masters’ Apprentices Photography Club Inc. is a group of enthusiastic and interested photographers who explore advanced photographic techniques and concepts.
  • Our name was chosen as a result of our founding members deciding to dive into higher level photography.   
  • The club incorporates learning from the past Art Masters as well as each other.  The Committee works hard to find Presenters who talk about the why and not just the how of photography.

Join us

We aim to do:

  1.  Go beyond images that are in focus, use the rule of thirds and are cropped correctly for club competition. Push the boundaries of our photography..
  2. Challenge one’s photographic and post editing-skills for producing creative and  emotive images.
  3. Experiment with abstraction, conceptual works as well as everyday photography.
  4. Exhibit our works in presentation nights, club exhibitions, book publications and library displays and more.
  5. Apply art history to inform our photography practice.
  6. Promote discussion about images, photographers and other artists.

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We meet the 1st Wednesday (Feb-Dec) at St. Bartholomew’s Hall in Mount Gravatt.  Meetings start at 7.00pm ish and finish at about 10.00pm. Entry is $5 per meeting with supper provided. 

If this is for you and your photography, come and join us!  Feel free to contact us for more information Contact Us